Tips for Organizing a School Brick Fundraiser

Tips for Organizing a School Brick Fundraiser

Organizing a school fundraising campaign can be an important step in bringing your educational institution closer to its funding goals. It’s also a great way to get more students involved in community service.

Brick fundraisers offer donors the opportunity to display names, messages, and dedications on personalized bricks, tiles, or granite pieces installed at your chosen location. You can even offer replica bricks as an additional donation option.

Book Drive

Organizing a used book drive is an easy and unique fundraiser that can generate a lot of money. Ask local businesses to participate in this environmentally-conscious event and ask for donations of unwanted (but readable) books. Ask for a minimum donation and make sure to advertise this requirement clearly.

This unique school fundraising idea is sure to bring in the big bucks. Offer a variety of delicious foods and snacks like burgers, pizza, popcorn, candy, or ice cream. Then, invite local musicians to perform. This is a great way to showcase the talents of students and community members.

Students love to get out of class for a day, and they’ll do just about anything to raise money for their favorite cause. Organize an outdoor field day and charge a small fee to attend. Add games like dodgeball and tug-of-war to the mix to really ramp up the fun.

A school dance is another fun way to raise money for your cause. Encourage families to attend and provide an array of food and drinks to keep everyone happy and full. Consider a theme for the event and play soft music, classical, or jazz to create an elegant vibe.

Give your supporters the gift of reading with this fun school fundraising idea. Ask participants to obtain pledges from their friends and family for every page, chapter, or book they read during a specified period of time. You can even offer rewards for different milestones they reach.

Engraved brick campaigns are a popular, timeless school fundraising idea that allows donors to leave their mark on a walkway, wall, or donor memorial at the school. Partner with a reputable company like Polar Engraving, which specializes in this type of campaign, and sell the bricks directly to students, parents, and other school supporters.

If you’re unsure of how to plan an engaging and effective fundraiser for your school, check out this guide for some top-performing ideas and pro tips. With these expert-approved strategies, you can raise more money and boost school engagement in no time! Whether you’re looking to host an exciting and intriguing event or a simple online fundraiser, this guide has everything you need to start making your fundraisers a success.

Engraved Bricks

A brick fundraising campaign is a great idea for nonprofit organizations that are seeking donations to construct or renovate an outdoor space. By allowing supporters to purchase bricks that are then engraved with their names, the donors become a part of the history of the charitable organization. This is a great way for families to create lasting memories of the organizations they support. Personalized bricks are also a wonderful way to honor deceased family members and friends.

An engraved brick fundraiser can be used to construct walkways, walls, fountains, and other types of outdoor installations. Many communities have installed them in parks, museums, and schools. Organizing an engraved brick fundraiser is relatively easy and can help your nonprofit raise money for a project you’ve been trying to fund.

Start by creating a committee that will be responsible for executing the brick fundraising campaign. Select individuals who are enthusiastic about the project and have experience with program development. They will bring the right attitude and the needed skill to get your brick fundraiser off the ground and running smoothly.

Once your committee is in place, you will need to set up a schedule for when the bricks are going to be available to buy. This will be a crucial component of any proposals that will need to go to the board (if your nonprofit requires such a procedure). It will also give your brick engravers the chance to prep for your order in advance so that they can be ready when you’re ready for them.

Choose a brick engraver that offers online ordering, which will allow your supporters to see what their bricks will look like before they submit them for engraving. They should also be able to provide a sample photo of the completed brick, tile or paver, which will help your supporters visualize what their bricks will look like in the finished structure.

When comparing brick engravers, consider the total delivery cost, shipping costs, setup charges, engraving charges or customization fees, free display samples, and any special discounts or incentives they might offer. You want to make sure that your bricks will be delivered on time and in the best possible condition.

Karaoke Night

A karaoke night fundraiser is a great way to raise money and bring your community together for an evening of fun. Partner with a local restaurant or bar that offers this service to increase your chances of success. This unique fundraiser works well for a school, church group, or sports team.

Another fun option is a paper airplane competition. Ask supporters to pay a small fee to compete. Set up the venue with squares and put prizes in each one. When a supporter throws their plane and lands on a prize, they win the item in the square. Prizes can be as simple as candy or as elaborate as a trophy or gift card.

A teachers-in-jail fundraiser is a great way to raise funds while also teaching your students a valuable lesson. Organize this event with the help of your school principal. Then, allow each class to pay a certain amount of money to send their teacher to jail for the day. The teacher will be out of class while still receiving their paycheck and can catch up on grading and other assignments.

Pledge fundraisers are an easy and effective way to raise money. They work best for schools and other youth organizations because students are likely to participate. The best types of pledge fundraisers are walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons and hit-a-thons. You can also try out a read-a-thon or a soft pretzel eating contest for a fun twist.

If you want to try something more challenging, try a mud run or obstacle course. You can even organize a trash cleanup fundraiser to raise money and improve your local environment. Get a few key volunteers to donate their time and resources for this event. Set a minimum donation for participants and offer major prizes for the top teams. This is a great opportunity to get your supporters involved in a project that will benefit them, their community and the environment. This type of fundraiser is especially suited to high school and college students, but it can be used by any organization.


School fundraisers that involve bricks or other physical products provide a lasting recognition to donors, and they also generate funds that can be used for ongoing projects and needs. Fundraisers that incorporate fun and interactive activities can be a great way to promote engagement among students of all ages, from kindergarten through college. Oftentimes, the most successful school fundraising campaigns are those that are well-planned and executed.

Getting the word out about your fundraising project is the key to success. Start by promoting it on your school’s website, and then use social media platforms to spread the word. If you have a parent mailing list or an e-newsletter service, send out an email to families about your campaign and encourage them to participate.

If you’re holding a shoe drive, partner with local businesses to ask them to keep a donation jar at their registers for the duration of your fundraiser. This is an effortless, cost-effective method of raising money for your school. Just make sure that your jar is eye-catching and clearly labels the name of your cause.

Penny wars, also known as coin drives or dollar wars, are a quick and easy way to raise a substantial amount of cash for your school. The best part is that they promote student involvement and friendly rivalry! Establish teams and pit classrooms against one another to maximize the amount of money raised.

Engraved brick fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your school or college and give alumni the opportunity to leave a legacy on campus. Work with a brick supplier to come up with a design for your walkway or wall that allows you to charge a fee per brick, word, or line of text. Time this event around graduation, so soon-to-be graduates have a unique opportunity to pay tribute to their alma mater.

Throw a lip-sync showdown to showcase your school’s talent and raise money for your cause. Organize the show into various categories, such as singing, dancing, and comedy, and offer prizes for each category to increase interest and participation. You can also hold a raffle for a grand prize to further drive attendance and donations.